Lysistrata (8)
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Lysistrata (8)

Publication Date: November 26, 2014

Chapter: Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Literature

The primary action of the play is divided by small segments featuring a split chorus: one half is a group of men, the other half is a group of women. These groups are supposed to be older; the men that can’t fight and the women that can’t breed. Basically, they’re the older people that no one in society actually cares about anymore.

The Man Chorus is constantly rending their garments and trying to attack the Woman Chorus. They also constantly fail at this task, as the leader of the Woman Chorus is apparently a black belt and mows down anyone in her path. After several acts of getting their heads kicked in, the Man Chorus eventually surrenders.

Author: Aristophanes • Year: 411 BCE • Info: Wikipedia

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