The Sea Fairies
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The Sea Fairies

Publication Date: March 28, 2013

Chapter: The Wonderful Comics of Oz

My point being, most of "The Sea Fairies" is painfully dull. It takes over HALF THE BOOK for any sort of antagonist to finally appear. Until then, the characters just meander around on a tour of the ocean, with nary a hint of danger. Granted, the last 40% of the book is pretty good. It just takes a while to get there.

In any event, you might be saying, "Hey, that's not an Oz book!" To which I'd reply, "Shut up." But really, it kind of IS an Oz book in all but name. It stars Trot and Captain Bill, my favorite Baum characters. He was trying to launch a new series so he wouldn't be stuck in Oz, but it didn't quite take. Probably because, as I noted already, this first Trot book was ludicrously dull. The second book, as we'll see on Tuesday, was much better (in fact, "Sky Island" is probably the best book Baum ever wrote, but we'll get to that later). Sadly, just because it was better didn't mean it sold, so Baum would swiftly return to the Oz series to make some coin.

But I'll talk about that stuff later, when the time comes. As it stands, "The Sea Fairies" is basically Oz Book #6.25. Everyone I know lumps it into the series (for good reason), so it gets a comic too.

(For the record, Sky Island is #6.50 and Little Wizard Stories is collectively #6.75 If you were curious.)

Author: L. Frank Baum • Year: 1911 • Info: Tor Online

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