Sir Philip Sidney
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Sir Philip Sidney

Publication Date: January 14, 2011

Chapter: English Literature in the Sixteenth Century

Sir Philip Sidney was actually pretty badass - not up to the badass standard set by Kit Marlowe, but still pretty close. Anytime a poet dies in battle, it's rather impressive. It kind of tosses the stereotype of the artsy-fartsy poet into the wind. In this case, in the course of one of his many battles, Sidney was sliced in the leg and it took him almost a month to finally die. Welcome to 16th century medicine. In any event, on that battlefield, having been wounded but still surviving, he gave his water to a guy that was dying on the battlefield, famously proclaiming, "Thy necessity is yet greater than mine." Granted, that probably didn't actually happen. I suspect Sir Philip just said that while he was lying around for a month to make himself look cooler.

But hey, it worked, so you can't fault Sidney for good public relations.

Author: Philip Sidney • Year: 1554 to 1586 • Info: Wikipedia

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