The Speech of Polly Baker
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The Speech of Polly Baker

Publication Date: February 10th, 2020

Chapter: American Literature, Beginnings to 1820

Ben Franklin, self-proclaimed genius, didn't always wanna take the credit for his work. He published a lot of things under aliases, case and point being this time he pretended to be a lady named Polly Baker. Polly is on trial for the fourth time, having consistently been judged for having illegitimate children. I'm certain I have absolutely no idea why Ben Franklin, the Wilt Chamberlain of Founding Fathers, would have a vested interest in this topic.

To his credit, honestly, Franklin's point in this story is that all the blame for these bastards is shouldered squarely by the mothers, while the fathers get off scott free. He doesn't see this as being particularly fair to the women, which is marginally progressive for a dude that liked to sleep around town in 1747.

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Author: Benjamin Franklin • Year: 1747 • Info: Wikipedia


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