The Defense of Guenevere (2)
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The Defense of Guenevere (2)

Publication Date: January 18, 2016

Chapter: The Victorian Age

When Gwen takes the stand and speaks with a voice that "grew full loud and shrill / growing a windy shriek in all men's ears / a ringing in their startled brains," I assume the author is being metaphoric. But, of course, Lit Brick cares little for metaphor.

Note: This will seem hasty after I just had a break, but I need to take another break. Actually, the last break should've just lasted longer. We're moving into a fixer-upper right now and the work is overtaking my comic time. We'll be moved in completely on Saturday, though, so comics will return in a week. Thanks!

Author: William Morris • Year: 1859 • Info: Bartleby

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