As You Like It (20)
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As You Like It (20)

Publication Date: April 2, 2015

Chapter: English Literature in the Sixteenth Century

Orlando discovers his jerkface brother, Oliver, wandering about in the forest. Oliver is in quite a pinch, as he’s being mauled to death by a lioness. Orlando jumps to the rescue, using his mad wrestling skills to beat the lioness into submission and save his brother. Oliver, as one would hope, subsequently apologizes for being a huge tool.

Now, let’s take a moment to consider the lioness. It puzzles me, as one of three things are happening here: the story takes place over 10,000 years ago; the story takes place in Africa; or the story takes place within the confines of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I vote for the latter option, because then Orlando can ride Expedition Everest.

Author: William Shakespeare • Year: 1599 • Info: Wikipedia

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