Lysistrata (10)
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Lysistrata (10)

Publication Date: November 28, 2014

Chapter: Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Literature

Enter Kinesias and his giant boner. Or, to quote the text more accurately, “Enter Kinesias, wearing a huge erect phallus.” Seriously, this play has prop boners. Bravo to the theater geeks who have to put those together for modern productions. I don’t have any frame of reference for the prop boners, but since the gag has to be seen by everyone in the audience, I’m assuming that these boners were at least the size of baseball bats.

Kinesias is here to bang his wife, as you might expect. Lysistrata, after a hefty bribe, seems remarkably okay with this idea, which should immediately alert the viewer that mischief is afoot.

Author: Aristophanes • Year: 411 BCE • Info: Wikipedia

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