Assaulted and Pursued Chastity
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Assaulted and Pursued Chastity

Publication Date: April 17, 2012

Chapter: Random Literature

"Some meats they could not eat, as mans flesh, for they had a custome in that Country, to keep great store of slaves, both males and females, to breed on, as we do breed flocks of sheepe, and other cattle; the children were eaten as we do Lambes or Veal, for young and tender meat; the elder for Beef and Mutton, as stronger meat; they kill five males for one female, for fear of destroying the breed, although they were so fruitfull: they never bear less than two at a birth; and many times three, and they seldome leave Child-bearing, untill they are threescore years old, for they usually live there untill they are eight score, and sometime 200 years, but the ordinary age is a hundred, unless plagues come; but not out of sluttery, or evill, or corrupt aire, but with too much nourishment, by reason of their delicious diet, which breeds such a superfluity of humors, that it corrupts their blood; as for their houses, they are kept very cleanly, by reason they never eat in them, for their custome was to eat altogether in common Halls, as the Lacedemonians did, onely they had better cheere and more libertie; likewise their women were common to every ones use, unless it were those women of the Royall blood, which is a sort by themselves, as was described before, and therefore never mixt with the rest."

Margaret Cavendish was awesome.

Author: Margaret Cavendish Year: 1656 • Source: Google Books

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