Gulliver's Travels (4 of 20)

Publication Date: November 8, 2011

Chapter: English Literature During The Restoration And The Eighteenth Century

Swift's math (as referenced in the third panel) is actually really precise in the book. Everything in Lilliput, from the people to the ocean's depth, is in exacting 1/12th scale. He even has the people there calculate precisely how much of the average person's food is required to satisfy Gulliver's hunger; if memory serves, he eats enough per day for a little over 1700 Lilliputians.

The upside of those tiny meals is that everything is bite-sized for Gulliver. I mean, he could eat entire roast chickens like we'd pop Cheez-Its. He could grab a spoon and have a bowl of pastrami sandwiches. How awesome would that be? (Probably not at all awesome, actually, since he'll inevitably starve when the tiny food supply is exhausted. Damn you, logic!)

Author: Jonathan Swift • Year: 1726, Amended 1735 • Info: Wikipedia

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