Paradise Lost (3)
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Paradise Lost (3)

Publication Date: August 31, 2011

Chapter: English Literature in the Early Seventeenth Century

On his epic journey, Satan finds leaving Hell a bit more difficult than he imagined. As it turns out, the gates to hell are locked, and the only key is held by Sin, the daughter he forgot he had. She's got snakes instead of legs and tiny creatures that like to feast upon the entrails of people. Yep, she's a real cutie pie.

Joining Sin is Death, and it's safe to say that he's come a long way since being a murderous phantasm lurking near the Gates of Hell.

Satan, Sin, and Death form a profane parody of the Holy Trinity, and they're easily the most dysfunctional family in eternity. Their bizarre relationship will be explained in far too much disturbing detail tomorrow.

Author: John Milton • Year: 1667 • Info: Wikipedia

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