The Retreat
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The Retreat

Publication Date: July 8, 2011

Chapter: English Literature in the Early Seventeenth Century

The speaker of Vaughan's poem yearns to literally travel backwards through time. While other men live to move forward, he'd love to tread back again to happier times. Luckily, I have characters that can randomly travel back in time, so yay.

In any event, this strip was more or less inspired by something Dan the Man said on Twitter a couple days ago: the regeneration of She-Jesus inevitably invites the idea of fan debate about which She-Jesus is "better." Now, while it's far too early for such debates, it got me thinking: logically, She-Jesus has died more than once, and so I instantly started thinking of ways to introduce additional incarnations into the strip.

As such, this strip gives us what we can only assume is She-Jesus the First, unless showing up on Earth around 33 BC was just an elaborate ruse (which it very well could be).

Author: Henry Vaughan • Year: 1650 • Info: Luminarium

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