Fables: The Wolf and the Sow
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Fables: The Wolf and the Sow

Publication Date: May 14, 2010

Chapter: English Literature During The Middle Ages

In all seriousness, I really had no idea what "The Wolf and the Sow" actually meant until I Googled it. I read the damn poem ten times and still couldn't penetrate its moral. It was one of those "I know what these words mean, but in combination they make no sense" situations. Apparently, it really does just mean that a mother should protect her children at all costs. If that is indeed what the moral actually is, then Marie once demonstrates her complete and utter lack of subtley. I'm fairly certain that any mother approached by a friggin' wolf would hide her children away from danger.

Still, my inability to penetrate the meaning of this text left me a bit disheartened. Maybe I should go back for that Masters Degree after all, since the BA clearly isn't cutting it.

Author: Marie de France • Year: c. 1170 • Info: Wikipedia

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