The Faerie Queene (7 of 14)
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The Faerie Queene (7 of 14)

Publication Date: November 11, 2010

Chapter: English Literature in the Sixteenth Century

Alright, so the Redcrosse Knight was kinda lame. I hit the fast-forward button and took us up to the beginning of Book Three, Canto One, where we first meet Britomart, whose name sounds vaguely like a convenience store. "Strange things are afoot at the Britomart..."

*ahem* Anyway...

I figured, hey, what the hell - the comments don't lie and she's clearly who everyone was waiting for anyway. Why? 'Cause she's a badass girl knight, and who doesn't love that? We first encounter her when she meets Guyon (whose name sounds exceedingly stupid if you say it out loud) and Arthur (yes, that Arthur). She smacks Guyon around with her magic spear, 'causing him to get all pissy about her cheating. In his defense, using an unbeatable magic spear pretty much is cheating, so I'm not sure why she was acting all snooty about it.

Also, yeah, I gave her a girly pink pony. What're ya gonna do about it, huh? Nothing, that's what.

Author: Edmund Spenser • Year: 1590 • Info: Wikipedia

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