The Faerie Queene (3 of 14)
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The Faerie Queene (3 of 14)

Publication Date: November 5, 2010

Chapter: English Literature in the Sixteenth Century

Most of this comic is pretty much straight out of the story, which is... odd... to say the least. Brave Sir Noname rides a mighty steed on his quest through a dark and confusing forest. Beside him rides Princess AnonymousSoFar on a donkey. I mean, really? How many princesses pimp around on mules? It's not very ladylike.

Behind our duo is a dwarf, carrying all their shit on his back. The book doesn't mention the dwarf riding on anything, so I can only assume that's he's a really, really fast walker. Kind of like those secret service agents that run alongside the president's motorcade. This dwarf must have some wicked huge lung capacity.

But seriously, how much of a dick are the other two that they'll make this dwarf walk while they have noble steeds? Jerks.

Author: Edmund Spenser • Year: 1590 • Info: Wikipedia

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