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Publication Date: July 24, 2010

Chapter: Random Literature

Alright, sure, this strip is completely ridiculous, but given the source material, can you really blame me? Guys riding on dragons in medieval-looking futures just makes me think of metal album covers. You were this close to getting that "Screaming For Vengeance" bird, but it didn't have appropriate lyrics.

Oh, and I hated this story with the passion of a thousand suns. To me, it represents pretty much everything I hate about fantasy fiction. But hell, if you like it, then party on. As if I'm one to judge - I've read, like, sixty Star Wars novels.

(And yes, there used to be a much longer rant here detailing - at length - everything I hated about this book. But it just came off as mean spirited, so I snipped the rant out a year later.)

Author: Anne McCaffrey • Year: 1968 • Info: Wikipedia

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