Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (16 of 20)
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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (16 of 20)

Publication Date: June 28, 2010

Chapter: English Literature During The Middle Ages

So, day three dawns at the free love clinic and the lady once again drops into Gawain's bedroom, lusting for a good thrust from our valiant hero. Once again, he turns down her advances. After getting turned down again, she tries to at least give Gawain a lovely parting gift, starting with a ring worth a king's ransom. Gawain turns this down as well, because he apparently likes being rich about as much as he likes making love to beautiful women.

He finally does accept one gift, however, after much cajoling: a lovely green sash from the Lady's waist. She says it will protect the wearer from any mortal harm. Gawain seems to take this statement at face value, but I'm pretty sure it's all just an elaborate practical joke on her part. When Gawain and his magic belt get sliced in half, she'll be laughing it up back home.

Anyway, appro of nothing, but I'm still not sure I grasp the arrangement Gawain and the Master have. It reads something like, "Alright, so I'll go out and hunt crap while you stay here. At the end of each day, we have to give each other what we got on the day's adventures." This ends up amounting to Gawain getting several dead animals while the Masters get kisses. The Master repeatedly states that Gawain's gifts are far better than his own, which only leads me to believe that the Master values man love over dinner. Which, I mean, sounds legit.

Also, is it just me, or does the Master get worse at hunting with each consecutive day? Day one he scores a huge deer. Day two he finds a boar. Day three he ends up with a fox. Talk about your diminishing returns. How's he supposed to feed everyone with a single fox? Is this the largest fox in recorded history

Author: The Pearl Poet • Year: c. 14th Century • Info: Wikipedia

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