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Sir Patrick Spens

Publication Date: October 30, 2012

Chapter: English Literature During The Restoration And The Eighteenth Century

"Sir Patrick Spens" is a classic case of "a normal dude knows better than his king but can't really do anything about it." The King of Scotland wants to set off on a royal errand of some sort (maybe he heard that Norway had some of those Doritos Loco Tacos) and summons Sir Patrick Spens to captain his ship. Patrick, being "the best sailor that sails upon the sea," knows that sailing at this time of the year would be suicide, but the King won't take "no" for an answer, and you know how THAT usually ends. So Patrick sails off to his death, though at least gets the satisfaction of taking the King down with him.

And now, are you ready to FOLK ROCK THE HELL OUT? Then here's the Fairport Convention with "Sir Patrick Spens":

Author: Anonymous • Year: 1765 • Info: Wikipedia

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