The God of Small Things
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The God of Small Things

Publication Date: July 24, 2012

Chapter: Random Literature

Two years later, Baby Kochamma returned from Rochester [...] There was no trace of the slim, attractive girl that she had been [...] Baby Kochamma had grown extremely large. In fact, let it be said, obese. Even timid little Chellappen Tailor [...] insisted on charging bush-shirt rates for her sari blouses.

Subtle, Roy. Very subtle. Anyway, with novels, it's hard to draw only a single comic, so I just pick the silliest moment I can, whether it has much to do with the overall story of the book or not. In this case, the comic is marginally relevant to the novel as a whole, but that's probably a good thing. From what I've been able to glean online (I didn't read the entire book for a single comic strip, sorry), "The God of Small Things" is just unrelentingly depressing - a series of tragic events with absolutely zero hope for joy at the end. Such things aren't really my cup of tea, no matter how well written they may be.

Author: Arundhati Roy • Year: 1997 • Info: Wikipedia

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