Of Plymouth Plantation, Part 3
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Of Plymouth Plantation, Part 3

Publication Date: February 17, 2012

Chapter: American Literature to 1700

The Pilgrims were... how to put this delicately... um... douchebags. In this particular instance, a hardy sailor is poking some fun at the Pilgrims for the ease with which they get sea-sickness. Shortly thereafter, Bradford gives God the credit for killing the sailor, and notes how pleased all the Pilgrims were with his death. I mean, seriously? "Thanks, God, for killing that mildly annoying, yet entirely innocent, guy for us."

Actually, something about this whole scene just doesn't sit right with me. Bradford notes that Jerk Sailor is a lusty young man, full of strength and vigor. A week later, Jerk Sailor is dead. Yet, throughout the rest of the voyage, no one else dies except for one sickly child at the very end. Which is to say, on a boat full of feeble, sad sack missionaries, the robust young sailor is the only one that ends up poisoned? And no one thinks that's suspicious

Remember, friends: God loves, man kills. If only the evidence hadn't been thrown overboard...

Author: William Bradford • Year: 1630 to 1647 • Info: Wikipedia

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