Gulliver's Travels (7 of 20)

Publication Date: November 11, 2011

Chapter: English Literature During The Restoration And The Eighteenth Century

I inked this one on paper. You can probably tell if you're paying enough attention.

Anyway, Gulliver - being the wildly irresponsible father and terrible husband that he is - instantly hops onto another boat and sails off for another year-long excursion, simply because he has a lust for adventure. Jerk. Eventually his boat finds the island of the giant guys with the name I can't spell. It starts with a "B." A small group paddles to shore to explore, and while Gulliver is admiring the local fauna, the other sailors totally ditch him and head back to the ship. It really isn't - as Nicholle notes - very cool. Still, they had a pretty good reason, what with the sixty-foot dude standing by the beach. I'd probably flee in terror too.

If you're curious, the scale on the Island That Starts With B is roughly 10 to 1, as opposed to Lilliput's 1 to 12. That said, Swift's text isn't nearly as accurate to that calculation as it was in the first part.

Author: Jonathan Swift • Year: 1726, Amended 1735 • Info: Wikipedia

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