The Imperfect Enjoyment
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The Imperfect Enjoyment

Publication Date: October 12, 2011

Chapter: English Literature During The Restoration And The Eighteenth Century

For context, I strongly recommend you all read the poem in question if you haven't already. It's hilarious and oddly thought-provoking. It is, basically, the lament of a man who blows his load early and blames his penis for failing in relations with a particular woman, when he's always banged every other woman in town without incident.

As I said, thought-provoking. Appro of nothing, but this poem also features the triumphant return of my favorite word in English Literature, "swyve." Way to go, Wilmot.

And now, a stupid behind-the-scenes note because I was just thinking about it today: I refer to strips like these, in my regular art style, as "Molly Strips," for fairly obvious reasons. Molly Strips always take me around three times longer to actually finish because the art is always a considerable step up. Additionally, while I've started drawing all the normal Lit Brick strips 100% digitally for speed, Molly Strips (or anything in my normal style, really) have to be penciled on paper still. Whenever I try and draw in my normal style digitally, it always ends poorly. Which is all a very long way of saying that Molly Strips happen much less frequently these days because they take a lot longer to actually create.

There. Now I've successfully distracted you from my use of that word.


Author: John Wilmot • • Year: 1680 • Source: Rutgers University

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