Pilgrim's Progress (3 of 7)

Publication Date: October 3, 2011

Chapter: English Literature During The Restoration And The Eighteenth Century

At some point this weekend, the topic of my favorite books came up on Twitter, so I thought I'd briefly yak about it here since I've nothing better to type. The Top 3 is Gatsby, Huck Finn, and the Oz series as a whole. If you know me, that's not really the most shocking list in the world, though what is curious about it is how ridiculously jingoistic it is on my part. I mean, that's one ridiculously American Top 3. Gatsby is "The Great American Novel" about life in the Jazz Age, Huck Finn is "The Great American Novel" about life in pre-Civil War society, and The Wizard of Oz was the first quintessentially American fairy tale, in which paradise is more or less depicted as the "uncivilized" portions of North America.

This was all, of course, unintentional on my part. They're just my favorite books. If it helps soften the nationalistic blow, #4 is the Sherlock Holmes canon, and #5 is the famous Harry Potter. Yay, England!

Author: John Bunyan • • Year: 1678 • Info: Wikipedia

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