Twelfth Night (12 of 37)
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Twelfth Night (12 of 37)

Publication Date: April 8, 2011

Chapter: English Literature in the Sixteenth Century

I was torn when casting the role of the Fool. Sporkman was my obvious first choice, but Deirdre was actually in the running too, until a found a better role for her elsewhere. Y'know, casting my other characters into this play really does look kind of silly, but it's worth noting that it hasn't changed the way I'm writing the strip. The cast only really affects the artwork; the stupid jokes would be the same whether Sporkman was there or not. Which is to say, hopefully my fanwank doesn't bother you too much. It's keeping the gauntlet of Twelfth Night more fun for me to draw.

As an aside, alternative "clever things to say" in the last panel included "a snail can sleep for three years," and "women blink twice as much as men."

Author: William Shakespeare • Year: 1602 • Info: Wikipedia

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