Twelfth Night (3 of 37)
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Twelfth Night (3 of 37)

Publication Date: March 28, 2011

Chapter: English Literature in the Sixteenth Century

It's Act 1, Scene 2! Because yes, I'm pretty much just performing the play for you. The dialog is paraphrased and I'm obviously adding my somewhat debatable "humor," but I fully intend to just post a complete adaption of Twelfth Night. Why? Two reasons: first, every scene is rife with comic opportunities too good to ignore; second, it's friggin' Shakespeare. He's practically the reason this comic exists. I mean, if this is a comic strip dedicated to both mocking and celebrating English literature, it's kind of appropriate that I should dedicate a mountain of strips to the greatest English author of all time.

Anyway, this is Viola, who was recently saved from a shipwreck by a man named Captain. I mean, that's the only name Shakespeare gives him, so whatever. His crew pulled Viola and some other survivors out of the ocean after her ship was toasted. Viola's kind of mopey, though, because she thinks her brother is dead. To improve her spirits, the Captain puts her mind at ease, as noted in the comic

Author: William Shakespeare • Year: 1602 • Info: Wikipedia

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