Hero and Leander (11 of 15)
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Hero and Leander (11 of 15)

Publication Date: February 14, 2011

Chapter: English Literature in the Sixteenth Century

Now, I rather enjoy the work of Kit Marlowe, but this story really makes very little sense. The story clearly makes a point of Cupid's arrows not working on Hero. Then, after Leander forces himself upon her with the kiss after she faints, she pulls away in disgust, feeling somewhat violated. At this point, however, her attitude does a complete 180, and she ceases to be the strong, independent woman she was. She instead becomes little but a giggling schoolgirl, dropping trinkets on the ground for Leander to pick up and writing mash notes. I could accept this as Cupid's magic if the story hadn't said how utterly useless the little creep's arrows were.

In any event, I'm probably worrying too much and should just check my logic detector at the door.

Though, as an aside, if this is Cupid's magic in action, it's extra creepy, since it not only forces this young woman into loving someone she previously loathed, it completely alters her personality as well, which is really kind of screwed up. Then again, "screwed up" is sort of par for the course in Greek mythology.

Author: Christopher Marlowe • Year: 1598 • Info: Wikipedia

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