Hero and Leander (3 of 15)
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Hero and Leander (3 of 15)

Publication Date: February 2, 2011

Chapter: English Literature in the Sixteenth Century

So, yesterday, I got praise from several people about how great the fourth panel looked. Now, I thought this was fairly obvious, but I guess I should clear this up: that was just straight up copy and pasted. I tweaked the levels a bit so it'd look better in the comic, but seriously, that's the original "Great Wave." I wasn't being a brilliant artist, I was being lazy. I just don't like taking credit for things I'm clearly not talented enough to do.

Now, that said, let the record show that I actually love "Uptown Girl," and I don't care who knows it.

Author: Christopher Marlowe • Year: 1598 • Info: Wikipedia

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