Lit Brick: Number 200
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Lit Brick: Number 200

Publication Date: January 31, 2011

Chapter: Random Literature

Hey, number two-hundred hit on a Monday! That's a happy accident.

These little centennials are swiftly becoming a great excuse to bust out some fan service. I haven't had a good reason to use anything in the above strip lately, so number two-hundred seemed like as good an excuse as any. Additionally, this strip - like number one-hundred before it - represents a nice little time capsule of what came in the previous ninety-nine comics. Whereas the first centennial looked back at several different creations from comics 1 to 99, this strip hits on just two from 101 to 199: the legendary Blanket of Shame and everyone's favorite deity, She-Jesus. I suspect that if I end up in Hell, She's gonna be why.

Anyway, thanks for reading. See ya when number three-hundred rolls around.

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Lit Brick is a comic started by Jodie Troutman in an effort to read the entire Norton Anthology of English Literature. Having eventually succeeded in that goal, it now features comics about all manner of random literature. For more of Jodie's work, visit!

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