A Midsummer Night

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Publication Date: January 22, 2011

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Another guest strip? Sure, why not.

This joint comes to us from my pal Ryan Smith, lately of Accursed Dragon, though longtime webcomic readers will no doubt remember him from Funny Farm. FF was actually one of the first strips I ever read online - I remember blitzing through the archives when I was a junior in high school and supposed to be doing work. Work at school? Oh, for fun.

Anyway, Ryan's strip has made me mildly bitter, because - as you can see - he totally beat me to the Shakespeare punch. I mean, I'm sure you've noticed the dates of recent LB strips - I'm drawing dangerously close to the Bard myself. Still, it doesn't really matter, as "Midsummer" isn't in the Norton anyway, and Ryan's strip is awesome.

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" is actually my second favorite Shakespeare play (number one is "Richard III," if you're curious), so I'm pleased as punch for a strip about it to show up. If the strip itself has left you scratching your head, consider yourself lucky. You see, in his many years of drawing people that aren't, you know, humans, Ryan has become well-acquainted (much to his chagrin) with that particular subset of fandom known as the furries. While generally harmless, an alarming amount of furry comics and fiction revolves around yiffing, which is a lot like swyving, only with fur.


I guess this just proves that, once again, Shakespeare was way ahead of his time, 'cause Bottom totally hit that.

Author: William Shakespeare • Year: 1594 • Info: Wikipedia

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