Sir Walter Raleigh (2 of 3)
 Comic Strip

Sir Walter Raleigh (2 of 3)

Publication Date: January 5, 2011

Chapter: English Literature in the Sixteenth Century

My life would actually be easier if Deirdre drew every comic, but then people would probably stop reading.

This strip and the strip before it were inked on paper. I'll probably regret it tomorrow. It leads to lines that are chunkier and less clean. They are, however, more precise and have... I dunno... more character, for lack of a better term. My vector inking rarely reflects the look of my original pencils, and you could accuse the vector lines as being rather sterile - too clean, if you will. Of course, in the end, I'll probably be inking digitally again soon enough, whenever this craving for ink on paper abates.

Still, anything is better than what Deirdre inked her comic with: a medium ballpoint pen that she probably stole from a hotel.

Author: Walter Raleigh • Year: c. 1600 • Info: Wikipedia

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