The Gift of the Magi (3 of 3)
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The Gift of the Magi (3 of 3)

Publication Date: December 15, 2010

Chapter: Yuletide Jamboree

I think it's fair to say that I'm a bit... fixated... on dirty things this week. I can't help it, really. I've just got a filthy, filthy mind, and the filth makes me laugh.

Anyway, our hair-styled heroine confronts her husband with the stunning revelation that she sold her hair. They hem and haw about the shiny new combs he just bought her and how terribly ironic it is that... well, you know all this crap already. The point is, Della is likely considerably hotter now that she has short hair than she was with hair so long she could trip on it. Not that long hair isn't attractive, but locks that go past your knees are a bit much (says the man that regularly draws characters with hair that long anyway).

It occurs to me as well that I really can't milk this thing for a whole week. I'm gonna have to come up with something else to fill the space. Hmm...

Author: O. Henry • Year: 1906 • Info: Wikipedia

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