The Faerie Queene (5 of 14)
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The Faerie Queene (5 of 14)

Publication Date: November 9, 2010

Chapter: English Literature in the Sixteenth Century

I've worked out a reasonable plan for "Faerie Queene." Obviously, drawing comics about all 240+ pages of it in the Norton is ludicrous, so my thoughts are as such: I'm going to continue illustrating complete scenes as I've done thus far, but I'll be skipping incidents that simply don't catch my fancy. So I'll draw Captain Red Cross here meeting Snake Lady for another day or two, then skip ahead to another adventure.

Is this cheating? Maybe. Then again, I only did one strip about "Piers Plowman," and it wasn't even about the story itself, so it's not like I haven't cheated before. Also, I've read your comments and noted that some of you have a particular love for certain characters in this book. I'll keep that in mind, but know this: the Norton's "Faerie Queene" is not complete. In fact, even edited, there's only material from the first three (of six) books. So if I end up missing your favorite character or story, it may not be my fault.

That said, if you've got particular "Faerie Queene" incidents in mind as favorites, now's the time to let me know, 'cause I'm not spending more than a month on this book. Also, if you feel particularly strongly about something and I find that it's not in the Norton, I could probably just find it online to fulfill your requests. I'm in a particular generous mood here, because while I can't waste half a year (or more) on this book, I still like it quite a bit.

Author: Edmund Spenser • Year: 1590 • Info: Wikipedia

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