Henry Howard

Henry Howard's Sonnets

Publication Date: October 8, 2010

Chapter: English Literature in the Sixteenth Century

Apparently, Deirdre stole a time machine with relative ease. Which particular time machine did she steal? In my head, it was the H. G. Wells time machine from the George Pal movie, but you're free to use your own imagination. Since it all happened off-panel, I suppose your imagination doesn't have to be limited to the public domain like mine is.

Now I'm talk about how crappy everything in the Norton has been for the past few days. From what I've been reading so far, the early 1500s were the absolute dregs of English literature. I suppose I should celebrate the fact that English literature was being written at all, but seriously, it's driving me crazy. Really, really dull sermons and instructions for life were the order of the day. It's all so dull, in fact, that I can't even think of comics relating to them. They just... they're not even mockable. That's how you end up with strips like today's, where - since I can't think of anything in the works themselves to mock - I have to mock their authors instead.

As an aside, if Molly was reading the Norton at the same pace I am, she should've known who Henry Howard was. I can only assume that she's skimming this part of the book almost as much as I am.

Author: Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey • Year: 1557 • Info: Wikipedia

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