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Everyman (1 of 5)

Publication Date: September 14, 2010

Chapter: English Literature During The Middle Ages

Ah, Everyman. Here's some required reading for most English majors. Essentially, God is pissed off at humanity (again) and has decided to take it out on poor Everyman. Death is hired to go set Everyman on the path to God's pad, where he'll be judged accordingly and - naturally - killed. Everyman isn't too thrilled with this plan, as we'll see tomorrow.

In any event, yes, She-Jesus is now the official deity of Lit Brick, in both the fictional world as well as the "real" world. She's just a lot more fun to draw than a giant with a white beard.

Year: c. 1480 • Info: Wikipedia

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Lit Brick is a comic started by Jodie Troutman in an effort to read the entire Norton Anthology of English Literature. Having eventually succeeded in that goal, it now features comics about all manner of random literature. For more of Jodie's work, visit longtalljodie.com!

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