Le Morte D

Le Morte D'Arthur (10 of 11)

Publication Date: August 18, 2010

Chapter: English Literature During The Middle Ages

So, Sir Bedivere is pretty much the only knight left standing. I can only assume this is because he was hiding like a little girl during the fight. In any event, Arthur gives him Excalibur and tells him to huck it into the water. Naturally, being the brain trust that he is, Bedivere just hides the sword instead and lies to Arthur. The once and future king - in a rare moment of intelligence - calls out Bedivere for lying to him, and tells his only remaining knight to try again. Bedivere leaves, thinks about it, then hides the sword again and returns to Arthur. Once more, Arthur knows he's being lied to, so for the third and final time, Bedivere leaves and lobs that sword into the lake. A hand pops out of the water and catches the sword, which would've taken remarkable dexterity on their part. Way to go, Thing.

Bedivere then drops Arthur into a boat with a bunch of creepy moaning chicks and watches the soon-to-be-corpse sail away. Thus passeth the once and future king to the isle of Avalon, where he'll later be reawakened on an episode of "Gargoyles." Thank God.

Author: Sir Thomas Malory • Year: 1485 • Info: Project Gutenberg

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