Le Morte D

Le Morte D'Arthur (8 of 11)

Publication Date: August 16, 2010

Chapter: English Literature During The Middle Ages

Yep, sorry kids, Gawain is dead and apparently not gay, because God gave him several women to nail in heaven. Either that, or God was in denial. "Sir Gawain, as reward for your great service on Earth, I give you this fine harem of worshipful women! Do 'em in good health." "But Lord, they're really not my -" "Do them, my son." "(sigh) Yes, Lord..."

Hey, remember that strip where I turned the Rood into the Big Lebowski? Yeah, clearly I was going to hell anyway.

Now then, Gawain has returned not to brag about his ladies (though he does), but rather to warn Arthur that going to war tomorrow is a pretty lousy idea. Apparently, that wasn't obvious to Arthur beforehand. Gawain says that, if Arthur waits a month, Lancelot will show up and save everyone's ass. Given that Lancelot was banging his wife, Arthur still seems to think this is a good idea, so a peace treaty is put into effect with Mordred.

Will it help? Who the hell knows. Camelot is completely insane.

Author: Sir Thomas Malory • Year: 1485 • Info: Project Gutenberg

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