The History of Gruffydd ap Cynan
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The History of Gruffydd ap Cynan

Publication Date: August 1, 2010

Chapter: Random Literature

I read this entire story, yet it was the first several paragraphs that left the biggest impression on me, due to their unintentionally hilarious nature. As such, I pulled together a couple different parts of the story, then ran the genealogy bit into the ground. I probably could've done several more strips on this story, but such is the nature of these premium joints. Oh, and it's worth noting that the third panel doesn't even scratch the surface of that genealogy. It's insanely long. I could only copy and paste so much.

Also, Gruffydd apparently lived into his eighties, which would make him a minor deity by Eleventh Century standards.

At this juncture, I'll once again thank each and every person that has donated so far to keep me going. This comic - not just the weekend bonus strips, but this entire affair - wouldn't exist without your support. You have no idea the thrill I get just from someone commenting on a comic. When I actually get a donation, I'm near ecstasy. It feels like I'm winning the lottery every time ten dollars hits my mailbox. So again, I thank you.

Year: c. 1200 • Info: Celtic Literature Collective

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