Canterbury Tales: Wife of Bath

Canterbury Tales: Wife of Bath's Prologue (1 of 2)

Publication Date: July 19, 2010

Chapter: English Literature During The Middle Ages

Meet the Wife of Bath. I probably drew her too hot and incredibly anachronistic, but you know what? It works. Also, the Wife of Bath's Tale proves to me one thing - the Norton editors went out of their way to excerpt the dirtiest stories from "The Canterbury Tales." I mean, so far we've had the Miller's Tale - a ridiculous romp through debauchery, and now we have the Wife of Bath's tale, a celebration of sex. Seriously, the Wife of Bath's Prologue is eight-hundred lines about how awesome sex is, and how virginity is severely over-rated. The best parts are when she successfully argues that Jesus fully endorsed having multiple husbands and boning a lot.

Speaking of boning, all the euphamisms for sex in this prologue might require a sequel to Saturday's Guide to Having a Fourteenth Century Potty Mouth. Here's a quick preview: "queynte" isn't just Middle English for a lady's yoo-hoo, it's also used to describe sexual enjoyment itself! Now you know, and knowing is half the power.

Author: Geoffrey Chaucer • Year: c. 1386 • Info: Librarius

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