The Wife

The Wife's Lament

Publication Date: April 19, 2010

Chapter: English Literature During The Middle Ages

I find "The Wife's Lament" ridiculously entertaining for reasons beyond my understanding. Depending upon how you look at the poem, the long-divided husband and wife share a sorrowful bond, as they can never be reunited. It's a truly sad tale. However, if you interpret a few words differently, the relationship is decidedly more one-sided; the husband is a total dick that tells his loving wife to live in a tree for a while. According to Norton, these are "diametrically opposed interpretations" of the poem.

Obviously the version with the douchebag husband is far more amusing, hense the comic. I'm also starting to imagine a rather violent sequel to this poem, in which the wife finds a sword and cuts a path of destruction throughout England on her quest for vengeance. "Coming this summer: when the lament is over, the payback begins." It'd be kinda like "Kill Bill," only with dialog that varies depending on who's translating it.

Year: c. 900 • Source: The HyperTextsInfo: Wikipedia

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