Frog And Toad Are Friends (2)

Publication Date: June 02, 2017

Chapter: Children's Literature

This is a true story. I was reading the Norton Anthology of Children's Literature and got weepy about Frog and Toad. Specifically, the following passage:

Frog looked out the window.
The snail was still not there.
"Frog, why do you keep looking
out of the window?" asked Toad.
"Because now I am waiting
for the mail," said Frog.
"But there will not be any," said Toad.

"Oh, yes there will," said Frog,
"because I have sent you a letter."
"You have?" said Toad.
"What did you write in the letter?"
Frog said, "I wrote
'Dear Toad, I am glad
that you are my best friend.
Your best friend, Frog.'"

"Oh," said Toad,
"that makes a very good letter."

Look, these past few months have been pretty rough, y'all.

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Author: Arnold Lobel • Year: 1970 • Info: Wikipedia

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