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Frog And Toad Are Friends (1)
Literature Comic

Frog And Toad Are Friends (1)

Frog And Toad Are Friends (1)

Publication Date: May 31, 2017

Chapter: Children's Literature

Everyone of a certain age (my age, specifically) read a buttload of Frog and Toad as a child. Kids in those last three decades of the twentieth century would find ol' Frog and Toad in every library, and for good reason. Lobel's stories are utterly charming, often funny, and always touching. I have nary a bad thing to say about Frog and Toad.

Also, Frog and Toad might be super gay.

Now, I'm not one to just say that every male pair of friends in media should be making out. I think positive portrayals of men just being best friends and loving each other platonically is actually incredibly important. On an only semi-related sidenote, that's why I loved the TV show Psych. That said, Lobel came out as gay to his family in 1974, and according to daughter, some of the his personal life ended up on the page.

Which is to say, while it's very sweet if they're just best friends that aren't afraid to say that they love each other platonically, they're probably totally gay, and they should kiss.

I wonder what their ship name is. Froad? Trog? Hey, everyone, let's start a Froad fanzine and all our Frog and Toad fics.

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Author: Arnold Lobel • Year: 1970 • Info: Wikipedia

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