Mac Flecknoe

Publication Date: September 27, 2011

Chapter: English Literature During The Restoration And The Eighteenth Century

Mac Flecknoe really does read like a Mad Lib sometimes. Every time a sentence like "Sh______ alone my perfect image bears," appears, you wanna fill in the blank with something ridiculous, like "Smelly," "Poop," or "Fart." Or was I the only one doing that as a child

This is the first strip I've drawn in a while with the Real Molly in it, and upon putting pencil to paper, I realized that her usual foil - Deirdre - was otherwise occupied at the moment. As such, I've flown in Nicholle so that Molly has someone to bounce dialog off of. Granted, Nicki is far darker and less bouncy than Deirdre was, but it works.

Author: John Dryden • Year: 1682 • Info: Wikipedia

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