Publication Date: April 30, 2011

Chapter: Random Literature

Here's one that only really makes sense if you know I'm riffing on "Berenice" ahead of time. Otherwise, it's just some weird guy selling teeth on the black market. I was originally planning to write dialog for this strip, then realized it actually worked a lot better if the first three panels were silent. Go figure.

If you aren't in the loop on this story, Wikipedia sums it fairly well, though it's also pretty darn short if you just wanna read it yourself. Basically, the story's about a guy with a teeth fetish. I suppose that might sound weird, but as a man who finds good dental hygiene sexy, I can sympathize with our erstwhile protagonist. Still, I don't suppose I'd go so far as to rip the teeth out of a semi-dead woman's mouth - I generally find teeth to be more attractive when they're growing where Nature intended.

Author: Edgar Allan Poe • Year: 1835 • Info: Wikipedia

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