Lit Brick: Number 200

Publication Date: January 31, 2011

Chapter: Random Literature

Hey, number two-hundred hit on a Monday! That's a happy accident.

These little centennials are swiftly becoming a great excuse to bust out some fan service. I haven't had a good reason to use anything in the above strip lately, so number two-hundred seemed like as good an excuse as any. Additionally, this strip - like number one-hundred before it - represents a nice little time capsule of what came in the previous ninety-nine comics. Whereas the first centennial looked back at several different creations from comics 1 to 99, this strip hits on just two from 101 to 199: the legendary Blanket of Shame and everyone's favorite deity, She-Jesus. I suspect that if I end up in Hell, She's gonna be why.

Anyway, thanks for reading. See ya when number three-hundred rolls around.

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