Publication Date: January 8, 2011

Substitute Teachers

Ta-da! I'm just full of surprises. The story is thus: I was gonna have a guest week during that week I took off. But, as it turns out, everyone I know was too busy during the holidays to draw stuff for me. This was actually rather unsurprising - December is trying for everyone, cartoonists included. That said, I did get a few bites on the line, so here's one of them.

This weekend's guest joint comes to us from Mr. Dan Shive and his friend, Ms. Julia Lee. It's possible you've? heard of Dan before, as he's considerably more famous than I am. Still, despite his fame and fortune, Danny immediately agreed to hook me up with some guest strippy goodness and, I must say, did a fabulous job of it. Indeed, my only problem with guest strips is that they'll make people wish the guest artist was drawing the comic all the time instead of me.

Anyway, this strip is particularly topical, given Disney's latest (and surprisingly solid) theatrical effort based on the same material. I'd say that Dan's version of the story is more accurate than Tangled, except I'm pretty sure that shopping malls didn't exist in the middle ages. Anachronism in Lit Brick? Scandal!

So, let us all thank Dan for being awesome and, in gratitude, go read El Goonish Shive for a bit. Seriously. Do it. Now.

Author: The Brothers Grimm • Year: 1812 • Info: Wikipedia

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