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Bede: An Ecclesiastical History
 Literature Comic

Bede: An Ecclesiastical History

Publication Date: April 5, 2010

Chapter: English Literature During The Middle Ages

Any Anthology about the history of the English language is gonna start with Bede. One of the first major works by an English author, his "Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum" is of ridiculously historic importance, giving us names, dates, and places that would have otherwise been lost to the ravages of time. It's also very, very dull.

I tried to draw a comic about it but kept coming up empty. As such, you just get this single introduction to "Lit Brick" as a whole, as well as its fictional author, Molly, with a little potshot at Bede thrown in for good measure, because you can never throw enough little potshots at Bede.

Author: Bede • Year: 731 • Info: Wikipedia

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