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Babes in the Wood
 Literature Comic

Babes in the Wood

Publication Date: February 15, 2017

Chapter: Children's Literature

And thus we begin another tale that provided a popular English idiom, that being the titular Babes in the Wood. Except, as of this comic, they aren't actually in the wood yet. It's your typical tale of the rich orphans who are constantly targeted by their extended family for the payday. Which is to say, it's a Series of Unfortunate Events. I actually first read this on the same night I finished the Netflix series of Unfortunate Events and was like, "Okay, I'm pretty done with this trope for a while." That show was awesome, though.

Note: Updates on Lit Brick have obviously dropped off already. I'm still trying to get my comic book work going and it's just too much to do. Lit Brick isn't gone, just expect the updates to be random instead of scheduled. Thanks!

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Author: Anonymous • Year: 1595 • Info: Wikipedia

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