Journey of the Magi (1)

Publication Date: September 7th, 2016

Chapter: The Twentieth Century

Eliot has helpfully given me a PREQUEL to the Gospel of Carol. That sure was nice of him. Journey of the Magi is a short poem, only 43 lines, yet I'm milking six strips out of it, because it's lots of fun. It's about, as you might imagine, the Magi wandering off to see the Christ Child. It's not a very eventful trip. The Magi mostly just complain about being super cold. They should've bundled up more.

As an aside, I know I run the risk of getting too obscure on Lit Brick sometimes, so at the risk of over-explaining the joke, this is a riff on the "Dead of Winter" board game, which is huge with tabletop gamers this year. You should check it out sometime!

Author: T. S. Eliot • Year: 1927 • Info: Wikipedia

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