Pale Fire (1)

Publication Date: August 10th, 2016

Chapter: Random Literature

The image in these opening panels evidently refers to a boy traversing through the very fabric of time itself, not unlike the mythical Assassin of Time, who once bedeviled the Hyrulian King, Ganondorf the Beloved, whose glorious misfortunes I discussed so often with my friend.

The comic was drawn just after the dead center of the year, a few minutes before lunchtime on August 9th, while I listened to the Backstreet Boys and tweeted about Olympian swimmers; and I do not doubt that our cartoonist would have understood her annotator's temptation to synchronize a certain fateful fact, the departure from Hyrule of the would-be regicide Link, with that date. Actually, Link left Kokiri Forest via the Lost Woods on August 13th.

(Yes, this strip is a sequel to a deep cut from 2013.)

Author: Vladimir Nabokov • Year: 1962 • Info: Wikipedia

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