How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix

Publication Date: November 9, 2015

Chapter: The Victorian Age

Robert Browning is one of the quintessential Victorian English poets, and his work (particularly one poem which we'll get to later) has been hugely influential since its publication. This particular poem falls into a category we frequently revisit, the Historical Retelling. That said, in this particular case, the historical event is a bit nebulous. All we really know is that a trio of dudes are racing around Belgium to deliver some life-saving news. The riders slowly drop like flies from various ailments, so that only one half-dead rider remains, galloping towards Aix like this is the end of True Grit. The news in question is never delivered to us, the reader, which is a bit of an anti-climax, but that information is largely unnecessary to the drama anyway.

Author: Robert Browning • Year: 1845 • Info: Wikipedia

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