The Lady of Shalott (1)

Publication Date: June 19, 2015

Chapter: The Victorian Age

The introduction of Tennyson brings with it something I'm REALLY happy about: the return of ARTHUR, KING OF THE BRITONS! Our tale begins with Shalott, a tiny island with a tiny castle stuck in the middle of a big river that's upstream from CAMELOT! Sadly, the Lady of Shalott is cursed to never leave the island, so I guess that's a bummer. On the other hand, she's wouldn't wanna go to Camelot anyway. 'Tis a-- well, you know.

On a programming note, I (and the comic) will be on vacation next week. I trust you can survive without me for a few days. Thank ye kindly.

Author: Alfred, Lord Tennyson • Year: 1832 • Info: Wikipedia

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